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Policies at mol murph's

At mol murph's, we want to give our customers the best shopping experience possible. Please contact me in the forum for custom resin art!  I look forward to creating your ideas with you!  I love the process that goes into making each order so please be patient when ordering customs! Resin prices are on the rise so that means so are product prices! don't worry! not too much!! :)

I ship all purchased orders within 48 hours and I take the utmost care so your new product is delivered safe. If you live within a short distance from me I will use shipping fee as a delivery fee and we can save the environment together :)

********** THIN items such as bookmarks, rings, clocks & wall art should not be left in direct sunlight as they can bend & warp. If it warps it is very easy to re warp it by putting it back in the sunlight and flatting it. it is all fully cured as they are made with the same batches as the coasters and all other items, they are just thin.  wipe any dust items may gain with a wet cloth & cold water*************

Ashtray disclaimer—the intended use is to ash or snuff items. Please use the side notches to hold your lit smoking apparatus. DO NOT leave lit item resting on the bottom. It may leave an ash mark, or burn through product which can be toxic. (It is okay to put out a lit item in tray, just make sure you kill the fire for the most part)

Resin product I use is ArtResin. It is BPA free " once cured, ArtResin "may be safely used as the food-contact surface of articles intended for use in ... holding food" and "intended for repeat food-contact use" as per FDA CFR 175.300. " 

At this time I do not accept any returns or exchanges. BUT PLEASE MESSAGE ME WITH ANY CONCERNS!!!!  Thank you and happy shopping! xoxo

products: Store Policies
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